What Are Dual-Action Hedge Trimmers And What Are The Benefits Of Using Them?

When you walk into a supplier of outdoor power products, you will probably find that hedge cutters are classified according to the action of their blades. The operation of dual-action trimmers comprises two blades that run in opposite directions to each other. The homeowner will actually receive a number of benefits when choosing this machine over single-action ones, which consist of only one moving blade, including:
  • Cutting efficiency: A dual-action trimmer will actually increase the efficiency of your blades because you have the power of two saws instead of one, making the machine much easier to use. The movement of the blades also helps to reduce the chances of jams and snags occurring during cutting.
  • Multi-directional cutting: A dual-action hedge trimmer allows the homeowner to move the machine back and forth across the foliage without the need to turn it. A single-action machine much be moved in a certain direction to ensure that the foliage is pressed against the stationary bar.
  • Reduced vibration: The way that dual-action blades move creates a counteractive effect that actually balances the vibration experienced by the trimmer. This means that your cuts will be more precise, even though some people believe that the increased weight of the machine will counteract this.
When it comes to choosing a hedge trimmer for use on your property, you will need to decide whether you prefer single- or dual-action machines in the process of making your choice. Whilst single-action trimmers are, more often than not, the more popular choice, there are plenty of benefits provided by the dual-action model that make it a hard machine to pass up.


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